Frequently Asked Question

What's Kleender?


What's Kleender?

Kleender is the free platform from the largest domestic services supply and demand community near you.


Our mission is to create a community where we can put in touch all those people interested in offering and demanding all kinds of domestic services to make life easier for users. Why, if there is one thing we are sure of at Kleender, it is that in a community like Kleender everyone can benefit.


Kleender has a vision, to reinvent the age-old tradition of word of mouth recommendations.  A unique way which has existed throughout our lifetimes between neighbours and acquaintances.  This is made possible through opportunities offered on our platform.

What advantages does Kleender offer?

  • Cutting the middleman: Contact the professional directly.

  • Direct Payment: The payment will be made directly with the professional.

  • Speed and Comfort: Manage everything from the Platform.

  • Appraisal: Appreciates the service received to improve the community.


What types of members are there?

All users of Kleender have the option to be a client or professional within the same account. 


"Customers" are users who are interested in finding any professional offering domestic services. 


"Professionals" are the users who offer their domestic services and they are interested in finding customers.


What types of Pass are there?

All users can receive any request and accept them for free but if you want to be more proactive with your search you can get in touch with any user straightaway so you will have three different types of passes:


  • Daily Pass: £3.99

  • Weekly Pass: £14.99

  • Monthly Pass: £25.99


What types of services can I apply for at Kleender?

Domestic Services offered by Kleender:


  • General Cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Washing machine

  • Ironing Service

  • Child and Elderly Care

  • Pet Care 

  • Office Cleaning

  • Shop Cleaning

Managing Your Account


How do I update my personal account information? (Address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.)

Your account information is your personal information: your legal name, zip code, e-mail address, phone number, etc. You should keep this information updated. If you need to edit or update this information for any reason, you must go to the profile settings in the Platform. By clicking on "Edit" you can update the information available and send your changes. Please note that changes to your personal information may take up to 24 hours to be approved. 

If you need further help updating this information, please email with detailed instructions on necessary changes.


How do I close my account?

To close your account just sends an email to our team at and we will contact you to cancel your account.


Do people see my personal information?

Professionals are the only users who will be able to view your profile and to access your profile they must have received a "Service Request" from you first.


The only private information we make publicly visible on Kleender is your name, your city and the last time you requested a service through Kleender. 

Please visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about our practices for the collection, use and sharing of personal data. 


Any personal information you include in your chat communications with other members will be visible to them. We encourage you to use discretion to share personal information with others. 


How do I close my account?

To close your account just sends an email to our team at and we will contact you to cancel your account.


Why wasn't my profile approved?

From Kleender we will check whether the new profiles or modified profiles have the correct or necessary information.


In any case, please contact our team at 

Why wasn't my photo approved?

Use the checklist below to make sure your photo meets the following approval guidelines. Once you have found a photo that meets these requirements, you can resubmit it by clicking here. 


  • You as user must be present in the photo.

  • The face should be clear and facing the camera.

  • Do not wear sunglasses, hats, hair or other obstructions to your face.

  • Do not send images that are too blurry or too faint.

  • Do not send photos with anything inappropriate in the background (for example, alcoholic beverages).

  • The orientation of the photo must be loaded correctly.

  • Photos cannot contain any contact information.

  • Everyone in the photo must be fully dressed.

  • Do not send cartoons or other simulated images.

  • You must have all the necessary rights to publish the photo.


I don't know which photo to add to my profile. What is considered a good photo?

It is important to take the time to add a photo to your profile. Job seekers like to put a face to the name, so you should think of your image as your "first impression" online. At Kleender, you can upload photos to help you tell your story. Here are some tips for taking the profile picture: 


  • Use a blueprint that you would use on a job application, not a dating website or Facebook profile page. Don't use anything that is provocative, reveals too much skin or seems unprofessional. Remember: When users browse the profiles, they are looking for someone they can trust at home. Your photo should show maturity and confidence.


  • Strange formats such as borders and creative effects in photos are not professional and take the focus off. Do not use any photo in which the image is cut or cropped. And no scenic photos, if you're not in the photo, we can't let it be on the site.


  • At the end of the day, your profile image should be appropriate and professional. By having a great photo, service seekers will not have a reason to "jump on you" and should take the time to read how awesome you are. 


How can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, just go to the home screen "Sign up" and click on "Remember password?


How can I report any questions to Kleender?

To report any questions to the Kleender security team for review, you can email and provide the specific details of your question.


Please note that information is private between you and the Kleender Security Team. This message is kept confidential at all times unless law requires disclosure. 


Use of the Site 

Steps to find a service or Job

  • Create your profile: Personal information, photo and location.

  • Find the service you are interested in and send a Request, when the Request will be accepted you will be able to start a conversation via chat with the professional o Client that best suits your interests.

  • Payment is made directly to the domestic Professional cutting the middleman.         

  • Once the service is finished, you will able to review and rate the service received to continue improving the community of Kleender.


Fast, simple and safe. At Kleender we are validating all users and services offering a reliable Domestic Service Platform.


Please use Kleender with responsibility and respect. Kleender is a Platform of opportunities for everyone: take advantage of yours!


I applied, where did he go?

Once a request has been sent to a Professional or Client, you should wait for the acceptance of your request from the other side (Client or Professional) and a chat will be opened where you can comment on various aspects of the service such as: date, type of service, salary....


Are all professionals available?

All Professionals are available depending of your search filters such as location or Type of Service and their availability at the time requested.

We recommend that all Professionals must keep their availability updated on a regular basis to indicate the hours they are free or if they are no longer available for service. 


How do I contact the professionals or Client I am interested in?

Once you have found the professional or Client that fits your needs, you should send a request for the service and then the professional or Client must accept back to open a chat where you specify the different points of service. 


How do I write a review about a Professional I have worked with?

Evaluations are a useful and public way to inform people about their experience with Professionals with whom they have met or worked in the past. You will be able to write a review through your account once the service ends.

We recommend that you rate and review all services you receive in order to improve the community.


Recommendations Use of Kleender


Recommendations Use of Kleender

Kleender always recommends having an interview before each service in a safe and public place.

Be polite and courteous during service with the Professional.

Kleender recommends formalizing the service through an employment contract if they finally reach a domestic service continuity agreement based on current labour laws.

We recommend that you take out homeowners insurance to cover any unintentional damage during service.




Tips of Self-Employed


Although Kleender is a collaborative community we always recommend that you register as self-employed to fulfil your fiscal responsibilities. Below are some informative links to register as freelancers:


 Email:    |   10 Barley Mow Passage, W4 4PH - London - UK

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